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Healthcare Sales & Business Development

Our Team is Your Team

Our Sales and Development Team consists of highly skilled individuals with decades of experience in the field of healthcare and medical services sales and marketing. Your organization's specific objectives, related to increased sales and or medical services utilization and referral objectives, becomes the primary focus of the team's relationship building and business development efforts.

Smiling doctor at the clinic giving an h

Each of our medical representatives promote specific ancillary services provided by your hospital, whether that's state-of-the-art hospital-based laboratory testing or specialized medical testing or procedures. Targets may include doctors, nurses, administration execs, and clinic and laboratory managers. The medical representative will increase service awareness, answer queries, provide advice and introduce new services.

Some of the skills provided by our Sales and Business Development Team include:


  • Organizing appointments and meetings with community, clinic, and hospital-based healthcare staff

  • Identifying and establishing new business

  • Helping develop new protocols

  • Provide collateral marketing materials and social media advice

  • Provide Education: Demonstrating or presenting services/products to healthcare staff including but not limited to doctors, nurses, program directors, lab personnel, pharmacists, etc.

  • Undertaking relevant research

  • Meeting both the business and scientific needs of healthcare professionals

  • Reviewing service utilization performance

  • Providing reports and other documents

  • Legal and compliance training and strategy 

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